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Have you ever dumped an old computer just because you were getting an upgrade?

Or wanted to make an impact in someone’s life that you could actually see, but didn’t know how, or where to look?

Well you’ve come to the right place . . .

Globetops is an organization that connects people with laptops they don’t use anymore, with someone who needs one in India, Africa, Haiti and the USA.

It is based on the idea that rather than just donating money or goods to a cause, whose result you may never see, you can choose who receives your donation and then stay connected to watch the difference they make.

Rather than wonder where your laptop went, and who is using it, Globetops allows you to select where it goes.  By logging onto Globetops.com, you can find the country, project, or story that speaks to you the most, and after donation, return to find out how it has impacted the receiver, the project, and even the country.

These are big people doing big things. Each recipient will use their laptop to support them in a project they have created.  The best part is, you get to watch it all happen!

Other organizations, like many e-commerce sites, have made themselves household names by giving back through a one-for-one model.  Buy a pair of shoes, and someone in need will receive a new pair based on your purchase.  But after you empty your shopping cart, and deduct from your checking, while that warm fuzzy feeling of doing good may remain, the desire to see your impact isn’t always easy or possible.  It also means that double the amount of goods are being created, when in fact, there is already plenty of stuff in the world.

We are changing the way we think about not only computers, but also our individual ability to improve the world.  That’s a concept that sounds great to most of us, but can often feel daunting and nearly impossible to achieve.  It’s not!  Globetops has found a way to make it very practical, very simple and real.

While the website is the hub of all information, including donor info, and projects  and countries in need, this is the official blog. A place where we come to share exciting things, interesting places and people, get inspired, and profile the projects and donors that make up Globetops.

Check out www. Globetops.com, to find out more about the company, it’s founder, Becky, and learn how you can become part of the story.

And follow us on Facebook and Twitter   to stay in touch, learn more, and be inspired


prepping computers for redistribution


Some Happy Recipients

Some Happy Recipients of a redistributed computer 


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